Priority for the Allocation of Campus Accommodation for Postgraduate Students

Priority for Campus Accommodation/Moving Rooms in Special Circumstances

Students should be aware that the allocation of accommodation is subject to a number of different factors which need to be considered before a room can be offered and these include:

  • Whether or not a room is actually available – particularly at the start of the academic year there is very little scope for offering rooms or room moves
  • The time that the application is made - i.e. outside of normal application times
  • The type of accommodation required, especially for students with specific needs/requirements
  • Whether or not support is being given by Student Support Services

How is Available Accommodation Prioritised?

For students with specific needs or special circumstances, a priority list is kept in conjunction with Student Support Services. The Student Accommodation Office liaise with Student Support/Disability Support (whichever is relevant) regarding the type of room that has become available and take guidance from them on the most suitable candidate. This would depend on the type of room, needs of the student, mental wellbeing and any risks to them.

Students will not be prioritised for rooms because of their preference for a specific room type – only for a specific supported need.


Please note that we are unable to discuss or disclose information about other students and their accommodation requirements or allocations.


Category 1

New international postgraduate students who apply by the due date.

Current, returning international postgraduate students who apply by the due date.

Category 2

New postgraduate students from the UK who apply by the due date (including Keele Undergraduates transferring to a Postgraduate course).