Keele development of New Barnes Halls

Photo's taken November 2017 as the accommodation is nearing completion.


We are pleased and excited about the New Barnes Hall​ accommodation​, but for the students wishing to live in this new accommodation block, which is still under construction, please note the following before applying:

  • Students wishing to live in the new accommodation will live at Hawthorns Hall initially (between September and October - when the new accommodation ​are​ due to be complete). These rooms have a washbasin or are a shared four person flat
  • We expect (if completion is as planned) that students will move to the new accommodation blocks​ at Barnes Hall during October
  • ​Students wishing to apply for these rooms should choose as a first choice on the accommodation application:  HAWTHORNS/BARNES NEW​

Based upon the above, the following will take place:

  • Initially the Hawthorns contract will be sent
  • Within 5 working days of the Hawthorns contract being accepted the Barnes New Build Contract will follow
  • Each contract must be accepted within the 3 day timescale 
  • Failure to accept the second contract will result in the Hawthorns offer being withdrawn
  • Students who move rooms in October will continue to pay the cheaper Hawthorns rates until 31st December, after which the price will increase to the Barnes new build rate.

PLEASE NOTE: The room rate for the new Barnes Hall is more than the Hawthorns; Barnes Hall accommodation will be en-suite rooms. Any student wishing to move into the new Barnes Hall accommodation will need to ensure their finances will cover the higher room rates, before applying for these rooms.

If for any reason the ​new Barnes accommodation​ ​is not ready by the contracted date, students will stay at Hawthorns Hall for the remainder of the 37 week occupancy at the Hawthorns​ room rate; to avoid disruption to examinations and revision studying.

An approximate guide to room rates are:

Hawthorns Washbasin Room - £95.42 per week

Hawthorns shared 4 person flat - £91.07 per week

Barnes New En-suite £155.35 per week

Assistance will be provided for room moves, along with boxes.

If you need any further information or have any queries about this, please contact: ​and we will be pleased to help.