Where is Keele University?

Keele University is in the heart of England, 40 minutes from Manchester, an hour from Birmingham, and a short 1.5 hour train ride from London. We are situated on a beautiful 600 acre wooded campus in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, combining the best of both worlds- the rolling English countryside with busy city life just a short train ride away!

How do I apply?

Complete the Online Application in the "How to apply" section, making sure you upload copies of your current transcript (one that has record of the classes you are currently in), your signed  learning agreement and the photo page of your passport. That's it!



Can I apply to Keele even if there isn’t an existing agreement with my school?

Yes! We accept students from all over the US and the world!  All you need to do is work with your university to make sure the courses that you take here at Keele will transfer back, and to arrange billing and financial aid. Learn more about applying here

Do I need a visa?

If you are here for a single semester, you will enter the UK on a Student Visitor Visa. This is a free visa which you will get on arrival (at Immigration) to the UK. You will NOT be allowed to work or volunteer while you are in the UK on this visa.

If you are here for an academic year or wish to work/volunteer when you are here for a semester, you will need to get a Tier 4 Visa. You will need to apply in advance for this visa, and it will cost a fee as well as require biometrics. You can find out more information about this on the UKBA website here.


What are the program requirements?

Students should normally be registered undergraduates in a recognised university who are in good academic standing and who have:

    1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 ('B' average) or results of an equivalent standard (please provide your latest official transcript)

It is expected that you will normally be studying with us in your junior or senior year but students in other years will also be considered.

When is the application deadline?

Click here for up to date application deadlines.

What subjects can I study?

Please browse through our course catalogue for a list of courses that you can study at Keele. Entry into any Third Year classes will be subject to approval from the Subject Tutor.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How many classes can I take?

Students will be required to take four 15 credit modules per semester- the same as a home student. (30 ECTS for 1 semester and 60 ECTS for a year) as well as the required British Culture 101 class. This class is required for all American study abroad students at Keele. Don't worry- it's only the equivalent of a one credit class...and we do provide pizza and pop!

When will I get my course choices confirmed/get my timetable?

We aim to have students pre-registered on modules before classes start. You will be able to view your courses and timetable through e-vision (you will get an IT log-in once you have applied) We also hold a Subject Registration drop in session for students to confirm their timetable and meet with representatives from the academic departments.

How and when will I get my results/transcripts?

You will be able to see your grades through e-vision (our online content system), and at the end of your study period an official transcript will be sent directly to your home university.

How many hours a week will I study?

If you look on the course catalogue, you will find that information towards the end of the screen under ‘Study Hours’. British universities do not have as much teacher/student contact time - instead, the student is expected to study more outside of class.

Where will I live?

All Study Abroad students are offered the choice of two halls: Horwood or Lindsay Halls. Please visit our housing page to find out more about the Halls. Once you apply, we will send you a form to fill in. The sooner you apply the more chance you have of being placed in your preferred hall. You can also have the option of paying slightly more to have a room with a sink in Hawthornes Hall. Please note that students coming to study with us in the Spring semester may be put in a room slightly more or less expensive than the package price (and be charged accordingly) because of mid-year availability.

When should I arrive/leave?

You can find arrival and departure dates here . In order to take advantage of the free airport Meet and Greet (and pickup), you will need to make sure that you arrive on the specific arrival dates. Click here for more information on the Meet and Greet.

Spring Semester has an exam period at the end of the semester. The schedule will not be posted until the beginning of April, so we recommend that you book your return ticket for when the exam period has finished, or purchase an open-ended ticket. 

Will I be met at the airport when I arrive?

Yes! We have a Meet and Greet service from Manchester airport on the arrival day only. You will be emailed information to sign up for the airport pickup service before you depart- please let us know if you have not been contacted! We employ a team of International Orientation Assistants, who are all current Keele University students.  They will be at the airport when you arrive, will help you to get to our bus, and will then travel with you to campus.  This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get to know the people around you. 

Do you have an orientation for Study Abroad students?

Yes! An extensive Orientation is provided to inform you about Keele University and the support services available, so you can start living as an English student as soon as possible! Here are some examples of the Fall Orientation and the Spring Orientation.

Should I bring my own towels, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc?

Bed linen is provided by the University, it will be in your room, and the charge will appear as a subtotal on your Study Abroad Package bill. You must provide your own towels and anything you need for the kitchen, such as dishes, silverware and cooking utensils. These can be bought cheaply from local shops after you arrive.  We also offer a Trash and Treasure sale in the Halls of Residence where you can buy household items for bargain prices!!

Will electrical items from home work in the UK? Do I need a converter?

The UK electrical system is based on three pin 13 amp plugs which means you may need to bring an electrical adapter with you. Each bedroom is fitted with a 220v – 240v electrical supply.

Should I bring a cell/mobile phone?

Pay as you go sim cards in the UK are cheap and easily accessible. You can also buy mobile phones inexpensively at grocery stores such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s.

Is there internet access in the rooms?

Yes. There is free internet access available in all rooms via an internet port.

Should I open a bank account in the UK?

You can open a bank account in the UK in order for you to access your money without charges. There is a branch of Santander (a large European bank) in the Student Union, with many other banks only 2 miles away in the Newcastle town centre. The bank on campus can open an account by you just showing your Keele Card. For more information on what you may need to open an account, click here. Once you have transferred your money and opened your account, there are normally no bank charges for student accounts, provided you comply with the bank’s regulations. You should also check with your home bank, because some banks have been known to waive ATM/International charges for account holders while overseas.

How much are living costs/what expenses should I prepare for?

You can access a breakdown of potential living costs/expenses here. These are just an estimate- it will vary from person to person!

Will I need to buy lots of books?

British universities do not require that students buy books to the same extent as overseas universities. Most courses have texts that you are advised to buy, but they will usually only be one or two books. We estimate this cost to be around £150 for a semester, but this cost can be reduced by purchasing second hand books (there are various websites for this) or checking them out from the library.

Can I work/volunteer while I’m in in the UK?

Only if you arrive on a Tier 4 Visa. Otherwise, it is illegal for you to work or volunteer during your stay in the UK.

Do I need health insurance?

Health Insurance:

All Study Abroad students are required to have US health insurance for the duration of their stay in the UK. This will cover you for any medical issues that arise in the UK, or if you need to see a doctor/go to a hospital when you are travelling around Europe and beyond. We will ask to see proof of your insurance before you arrive, so make sure to check with your home university to see if you are covered by your home Study Abroad Office's policy.

Some examples are:





Can I bring medication into the UK?

Individuals may bring prescription drugs into the UK, but certain procedures must be followed.

All medicines should be carried in their prescription bottles (with the contents clearly marked) together with a letter from the doctor. If the medicine is lost or runs out, you will need to obtain a new prescription from a British doctor and, therefore, it is advisable to have a list of the generic names of any prescriptions. Individuals with severe or chronic illnesses should carry with them detailed information from their doctor to help expedite an examination by a British doctor, should this become necessary. 

What IT services are available?

The  media team have produced an IT Video which is available on http://www.keele.ac.uk/it/newstudents/.

The video introduces  the services which IT offers and includes a brief introduction to the KLE.

How does the meal plan work?

A set amount will be put onto your Keele Card each week, and you will have to go to the Chancellor's Building to get it recharged every Monday. This helps you to budget your food expenses, plus if you lose your card, you won't lose the balance. The card is used to purchace individual items at the dining halls- it's not an 'all you can eat' option. The dining halls are very reasonably priced for the UK and offer a number of hot and cold options each day. You can use your Keele Card at a variety of dining halls around campus- they have different opening/serving times, so students can pick and choose depending on what is better for them. In the Chancellor's Building they have Comus (main cafeteria), Le Cafe, and Vite and Eat. By the Union there's ST5, which mainly offers lunch. There's a cafe in the Med School and then two dining halls in the dorms: Lindsay and Hawthornes.


How do students get around?

Keele is located 2.9 miles from Newcastle-Under-Lyme (known as ‘Newcastle’), which is a market town of 75,000 people. It’s also located 5.4 miles from Stoke-on-Trent (known as ‘Stoke’), which is a city of 246,000 people.

Most students generally take the bus to either Newcastle or Stoke. The busses run often, either the number 3 (run by First Bus) or the number 85 (run by D&G Buses)

Information about First Buses to/from Keele

Number 3 Bus Timetable

Number 85 Timetable


What is my mailing address at Keele?

You can find your mailing address at Keele on you housing contract. It will consist of:


Your Name

Your Hall (Lindsay, Horwood)


Room Number

Keele University



ST5 (rest of post code dependent on hall)


Is there a Security Deposit for the dorms?

Yes, there is a £150 security deposit on your room, which will be refunded to you (subject to room inspection) 4-6 weeks after you vacate.

How do phones work in the dorms?

All incoming calls are free, as well as internal (campus) calls. All non-campus external calls are charged- you can purchase an account with Freewire, and load money on it. More information is here.

I’m coming to Keele for second semester. Can I leave early?

It is important that you take your final exams, because it will be a substantial part of your final grade. The exam timetable is posted the end of March/early April for the spring semester. Third year exams are usually the week after the spring holiday, followed by a week break. Second and first year exams then take place the following two weeks. If you need to book your return date before you leave, you should do it for the day after the last day of exams, to be safe!