Choosing your Courses/Modules

Course Catalogue

The Course Catalogue is provisional. We expect that most of the courses will run in the next academic year, but sometimes a class is cancelled or becomes full very quickly. This is why we ask that you create a short list of eight to ten courses on your learning agreement (depending on length of stay).

Some subject areas have indicated that there are restrictions on the number of places for certain modules, or that the Subject Tutor (School contact) must be contacted prior to completion of the Learning Agreement. Please ensure that you contact the Subject Tutor, as there may well be timetable restrictions, which only the Schools know about. We will not be able to pre-register you for any courses marked as ‘Not normally available to Erasmus, Exchange and Study Abroad students’ unless we have written proof from the Subject Tutor stating they have agreed that you can take this course. Please contact the Global Education Team for a list of subject tutors if this is required.

You will need to complete the following Learning Agreement 2017-2018. Please note that an unsigned learning agreement will not be accepted. Therefore please complete the learning agreement with your tutor, then upload the signed copy when you apply online.

Chemistry liquids


Level 4 - 1st Year

Level 5 – 2nd Year

Level 6 – 3rd (Final) Year


Tips on Finding Modules
  1. Select the subject area you are interested in.
  2. ‘Dual Honours’, Single Honours’, ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ do not apply to exchange students so please look at modules under each section – you will find that many are the same.
  3. Ensure you choose the correct semester – Semester 1 (Fall) or Semester 2 (Spring). If you are studying at Keele for one semester only you cannot take year-long modules.
  4. You can find course descriptions, intended learning outcomes and Assessment descriptions under ‘Further details’

We know that you may require further information to have your courses pre-approved.

You can click here for the Course Recommended Reading List

Course Credits

Please ensure that you have chosen a sensible workload, approved by your academic coordinator. You will be taking a full load at Keele University, which equates to four classes a semester (30 ECTS).

If you do have any concerns and are having problems contacting the Subject Tutors, then please email the Global Education Team

Education Placement Module

If Students wish to take this module they will need to apply, and will be interviewed for (this can be done via Skype of when you arrive at Keele), a place on the Education Placement module.

To apply for the module, you will need to submit a CV and a written proposal outlining why you should be allocated a place on the module. Accepted students will need to arrange, at personal cost, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (or equivalent ‘certificate’ for study abroad/international students) prior to the start of the module, the current cost of a DBS check is (currently) £44, and will be responsible for any travel cost related to school placements. 

Places are however limited and will only be allocated to students who are able to demonstrate the following: 
• Familiarity with current educational issues and debates (essential)
• Evidence of capacity to work as a team member (essential)
• Have completed the core Educational Studies modules Understanding Learning and Education in Britain or equivalent modules on educational learning and education policy and practice (desirable) 
• have completed at least one Educational Studies elective module or equivalent modules on childhood or the history of education (desirable)
• Previous engagement with educational settings (desirable)
• Satisfactory performance at interview (essential) 
• a reference attesting to the ability of students to act professionally in a workplace situation (essential)

Any offer of a place will be subject to a completed DBS enhanced disclosure (or equivalent certificate for international/study abroad students) which is deemed satisfactory by the University.