EU entry requirements

We accept a number of EU qualifications for entry to our degree programmes. Information about some of the most commonly accepted qualifications can be found below. If the qualification you are taking is not listed below, please contact us for further information regarding the acceptability of your particular qualification.

Please note: this information is indicative and for admissions purposes only

Please check the entry requirements detailed on course pages for information about the typical A level offer for your chosen course and then refer to the information for your country below. For courses with subject specific requirements a translated copy of the syllabus for that specific subject (or equivalent) may be required.

Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses, in addition to the requirements outlined below.

Undergraduate entry requirements:


Score/Marks required:











The English Language element (English 1 or 2) of the European Baccalaureate is normally accepted in lieu of GCSE English, providing that a score of 6/ 60% or higher is achieved.

Where a specific A level is required for entry on to a course, we would normally ask for 8 or above in that subject for A level grade A or B and 7 or above for A level grade C.