Peirce Proctor, Psychology

The degree has taught me how to conduct my own experiments, and, it gave me the ability to run a small study in my second year to prepare for my final year project. Having free reign to conduct research and experiments in any field that you have an interest in, where you could possibly have an impact on the world with the research you conduct, or can be the basis for your future research, is definitely the most rewarding part of the course.

The staff that I have met have all been great to talk to and have answered my questions when I have needed answers. I've even had coffee with some of them for discussion and seminars! The staff open-door policy has been really useful. 

By the end of the course I have been left in a position where I can quite happily handle my own experiments and research in the field of psychology. It was made possible by the help of my supervisor teaching me along the way.