Naomi, Neuroscience and Psychology

My highlight from studying Psychology at Keele has been conducting my final year project. Though this is something that many final-year students experience, the range of resources available at Keele do not limit you so you can study whatever interests you.

Further to this, the supervision has been to a high standard, as my supervisor cares about making my project the best it can be, teaching me how to use new equipment such as an eye tracker, and supporting me as an individual, taking into account my personal life and other studies and allowing me to work around them.

The ability to combine the knowledge learned over the course of my degree with a topic I find interesting has been the icing on the cake of a very well-organised and enjoyable degree. I now feel ready to pursue future research and go out into the ‘real-world’!

Additionally, Keele Psychology has enhanced my employability by offering countless opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge, including a 2-month studentship, voluntary work in labs, and talks from academics. I believe I will stand out when applying to further study and jobs because of these experiences.

It has been eye-opening: due to the range of topics covered, I have been able to discover what I like and perhaps more importantly, what I dislike about Psychology, and feel I can now develop a career that I love.

I am going to graduate from my degree in July, then will go onto postgraduate studies in Japanese studies. I hope to combine both Japanese studies and Psychology in a research career someday.