Emily Martin, Politics

My name is Emily and I am a third year politics student at Keele. It has been a crazy few months and the current situation is something that could never have been predicted. Working from home has been a big change for us students and with key assessments like my dissertation due in, the idea of working from home was a little scary at first. However, I recently submitted my dissertation and found that I’ve received amazing support from the university and from my tutors. 

I feel that Keele and my school have been really supportive and understanding trying to make things as normal as possible and supporting us wherever they can. We have had online seminars, lectures and office hours via Google Meet and so we have been able to see our class mates and speak to our tutors face to face and we haven’t missed out on any learning. They’ve also assisted us in putting reading resources online and our tutors have also been available via email for help and assessment feedback. 

One of the things I found really hard about being at home was that my house was having a lot of building work done and it was creating a lot of noise and distractions. My school were really amazing giving me a two week extension, this was on top of the two week extension that was already rolled out to all students on any current assessments. The extra four weeks has meant that I now have extra time to complete my assessments after the building work is finished, if I need it. 

Despite the building site that is my house, working from home is still quite different from working at uni. I’m so used to coming home for Easter, Christmas and Summer break that I found I’m not really used to doing lots of work here. I found I was procrastinating a lot and I wasn’t very motivated. At uni, I am constantly surrounded by my friends who also have their studying to do and we often do it together. At home I haven’t got my hardworking friends to encourage me along. With deadlines looming, I soon realised that I couldn’t procrastinate any longer and put together a useful study schedule and found a good spot to do my work and I was quickly back on track. 

I have adapted well to working at home with the help of my tutors and I am enjoying being able to spend time with my family everyday, as usually I live in my student house near campus. I’m definitely enjoying not having to cook and clean for myself so much! And while the current situation made me feel that my time at Keele had been cut short, it encouraged me to apply for a masters course next year at Keele. I am very excited to be starting my new course and to continue at Keele with all my friends. While the Coronavirus has definitely caused us all some difficulties, it’s important to try and find the silver linings.