Doing a Natural Sciences degree in Keele made me confident in my abilities to adapt to changes, understand new concepts much easier and produce new ideas and solutions with an interdisciplinary perspective.
Throughout my degree, I had an amazing learning experience, thanks to the teaching staff, where they were always there to help support my development, both academically and personally. The grand challenges lectures introduced me to ideas and concepts that I could never be exposed otherwise, the programme facilitated an incredible discussion environment where everyone could be heard and express their ideas. Overall, doing a Natural Sciences degree prepared me to go into the ever changing world, better than any other undergraduate science degree could have prepared me. Having been exposed to different areas of Biosciences, Chemistry and Forensic Science, now helps me come up with more innovative ideas while having a better understanding of a new teaching. Throughout my degree, I had the opportunity to meet experts of their fields in grand challenges lectures, act as a student representative, do an independent research project, present this project in two student conferences and publish it in a student journal. Overall, I had 4 great years in Keele, made amazing friends and grew a lot as a person.