Christos Evangelides - Applied Environmental Science and Physical Geography

Company name: 
Ricardo Energy & Environment (London)

Type of business:
Environmental consultancy

Job title:
Geographic Information Systems Analyst Consultant

Please describe the steps you took after graduating from Keele (e.g. travel, further study, employment):
During my time at Keele I developed a fervency in the field of GIS and was particularly excited to explore the various applications of GIS and utilizing location data. These were the reasons that lead me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Geospatial Sciences at University College London where I developed my programming skills and went ‘behind the scenes’ on how GIS software work including the associated spatial analyses and location-data manipulation.

How did you get your current position and what does your job involve?
I applied for my current position towards the end of my second semester whilst at University College London (late April). I was particularly interested in working at Ricardo due to the impact they have on policy making and the interesting projects (i.e. National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory). Importantly, the job requirements were aligned to by background – such as being experienced with Earth Observation technologies and programming languages such as Python, SQL, JavaScript.
My job entails of working a lot with spatial databases (postgres server) for the compilation of the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory. I am also a member of an internal group where we regularly meet to discuss possible improvements on the spatial aspect of air-quality modelling using Earth Observation techniques. I also work on creating various maps (e.g. using ArcGIS desktop) for other colleagues in different teams who require such maps for their own projects (e.g. policy and strategic plans of Ricardo). Lastly, I am also learning how a consultancy company operates, such as how to bid for projects, by attending various internal training sessions.

How do think that the knowledge and skills you gained during your Geography/Human Geography/Physical Geography degree helped you get your current job?
The GIS skills obtained at Keele are the foundations of my postgraduate degree and my current job. Also, the support and knowledge I received regarding the Earth Observation techniques are of paramount importance and played a big role in my short career as a GIS professional.

Have you got any advice/top tips for a prospective Geography/Human Geography/Physical Geography student coming to Keele?
Explore, explore and explore geography. You will love it! Also, ask as many questions as possible - no one is born an expert. Make the most of the support from the friendly staff at GGE and adapt it to your own career requirements (whatever those may be). More importantly, enjoy Keele – it is truly a unique university which allows you grow and kickstart your career in the best way possible.

Christos Evangelides - Applied Environmental Science & Physical Geography 2014-2018