Harriet Scott, Keele Medicine Graduate

I chose to study medicine because I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare sector. I feel strongly about helping people and have always been interested in science and biology. That, alongside interacting with people, made medicine the perfect choice for me.

The course size is relatively small, allowing for a lot of interaction in smaller groups. The PBL style learning is ideal for the large scale of content you will need to cover. Keele also has a lot of graduates in the course, which I feel brings more experience to the cohort. 

At Keele, I have learnt quickly about group dynamics and how useful group working can be. Before attending Keele I did not know what to expect from PBL sessions, but I feel like the method of working benefits everyone. Throughout the year you have a consistent group which you work through the units with, the group work tends to drive each other and probe each other to ask questions you might not think of on your own. Keele has taught me the benefits of working as a team. I also think the weekly anatomy sessions are great, the anatomy team are so good in the way they teach and it's so memorable!

I have spent time in GP placements, and I have benefitted from them by interacting with patients and developing my communication skills. I have developed a fine balance between being a professional but still being able to build a rapport with a person. In our communication skills sessions, you can really see how if you build a good relationship with a patient they will be more forthcoming in how they speak to you. It is really key to helping your patient the most.

I would recommend medicine at Keele because the staff are friendly and will go above and beyond to help you. The course has supported me in my extracurricular activities, but also made sure I am on target to where I need to be. They truly do want to graduate excellent clinicians. The PBL style is the best way to try and tackle the degree as it helps to make the course more manageable.