Ryan Stanyard, BSc (Hons) Neuroscience and Psychology

Since starting my degree in BCs (Hons) Neuroscience and Psychology in 2015, I proceeded to get involved and lead various societies and gain experience related to my course, including being elected as a Student Academic Representative (StAR).

I became the Lead School StAR for Life Sciences in 2016 as well as the Faculty Lead StAR for Natural Sciences and had the chance to represent my disciplines at various university conferences. I also secured a bespoke work placement experience at a local hospital including scrubbing in on neurosurgeries, academic meetings, and specialist clinics.

In tandem with this, I gained invaluable experience working in Malaysia during the summer of 2017 on a three month research project which was secured by way of application and interview with the department of Life Sciences, involved applying to train in Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang).

Hopefully, I can finish the year off with a First Class mark, and push towards a future in Medicine in the long-term.