I was quite overwhelmed when I came to Keele University as it was my first year of University and I was in a new country, but I dealt with it and I just jumped in, did what I had to do and it was actually pretty exciting! The best thing about Keele University is that it's a closed campus, so everything is basically on your doorstep.

My background in studying media has been quite basic, as what we did in school was mostly very basic practical methods, but during my studies here with Media I feel like I have learnt ten years worth in one year!

It has developed my knowledge and exposed me to a variety of practical elements. The reason I choose Media was because the media has such a massive influence on everything, especially right now in the twenty-first century, and I just want to be a part of that.

My favourite module so far has been Digital Video, as it allowed me to make a movie for the first time, which was really exciting. Practically, I picked up a lot of video editing skills so far on the Media modules and I have also started paying more attention to mass media and its influence on society. What I really like about Media though is that there are equal measures of both theory as well as practical activities, which I didn't get a lot of back in school.

The staff are all really enthusiastic and their energy is almost contagious!

Career wise; Media is a really beneficial course, as it allows you a variety of options after graduation. You can get into journalism, teaching or even practical film making.