Anne-Marie Simcock, Mathematics with Integrated Master's 2015 -2019

Current employment: Graduate Transport Planner at Atkins 

I chose Keele after I attended an open day where I spoke to staff and current students, they were friendly and informative and explained the benefits of studying maths at Keele. A tour around the campus showed me how beautiful it was, and I couldn’t see myself happier anywhere else.

The best part of the programme for me was the atmosphere that studying at Keele provided. The open door policy makes Keele special, staff are willing to help you whenever possible and the relationships that you can develop with staff and fellow students makes studying at Keele wonderful.

I enjoyed many of the applied and pure modules that I studied on the course. Modules such as Professional Maths, Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Modelling with PDE’s have been invaluable in my job. I undertook a wide range of modules where I developed both technical mathematical skills as well as transferable skills that would set me up for life in the workplace.

Keele provided me plenty of opportunities to expand my horizons, push myself and make myself more employable. I was able to secure a work placement at Bet365 by attending a career’s talk. I also worked as a student ambassador for the maths department for several years which gave me vital work experience.

Whilst studying at Keele I was a member of the maths society, I enjoyed attending many social events such as the Annual Maths Ball and a trip to Bletchley Park which gave both students and staff the chance to get to know each other outside of lectures.

Throughout my course, I learnt how to solve problems which is incredibly useful in my job. I learnt how to produce reports, present mathematical solutions to a variety of audiences and how to work well in a team. I have utilised many of these techniques in my new job role.

The course also allowed me to take an elective module in computer science which enabled me to develop my programming skills, which I later advanced in other maths modules. I left university with experience using programming languages including Java, Python and Mathematica.

I am currently working at Atkins, an engineering, design and planning consultancy as a Graduate Transport Planner. In my first 6 months I have worked on a wide range of projects in both highway and rail modelling. I have utilised many skills from my maths degree, such as problem solving, data analysis, programming and modelling.

Pursuing a maths degree gives you a wide range of careers to explore after university. It keeps your options open and the skills you develop can be applied to many fields including education, finance, applied sciences and engineering. Keele is a great place to embark on this journey, it has a great programme structure, helpful and insightful staff, great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.