Ben, Accounting and Business Management

I chose to study at KBS due to the focus on the people side of management as opposed to many business schools which tend to focus on more analytical and operational sides of business.  I enjoy the diversity of the modules offered and how I am able to design my degree around what I want to focus on. This is only enhanced further by the flexibility of the lecturers with their office hours and their willingness to help and guide you to achieve the mark you want.

Make full use of all the facilities at your disposal including meeting with lecturers, and if you are unclear on anything do not hesitate to ask for help as they will do their best to guide you.  Also do not under estimate the power of extra reading, although at the time it seems like unnecessary hard work with no real gain, when it comes to assignment time and exams you will see a benefit. Keele and KBS are a very close knit community which I believe helps because it encourages you to bounce ideas and theories off each other. When it comes to group assessment, although you may be studying different degrees due to the nature of KBS offering dual honour degrees, it allows you to approach assessment from different view points of a business.  I would recommend Keele because it allows you to see the bigger picture and consider other sectors of business removing the tunnel vision I came to university with.