Melissa Evans, graduated with a First

I studied single honours law at Keele and graduated with a first class honours.

My aim at this point was to gain some work experience (to see if a career in law was right for me) and I approached a number of recruitment agencies in the hope of securing a paralegal/legal assistant role.

In August 2014 I accepted my first legal assistant role in Cardiff. During this time, I realised that I wanted to be a solicitor and that Bristol was becoming the largest legal hub outside of London.

In November 2014 I was offered a legal assistant role in Bristol and shortly after starting this role, I began applying for training contracts. The training contract process was lengthy, challenging and time-consuming. However I persevered and my efforts paid off; I was offered a training contract with Beale & Co that summer.

I qualified as a solicitor in September 2018 and specialised in defendant professional negligence claims; defending claims for a wide range of professionals (including solicitors!)

Keele helped me achieve my ambitions. I was able to develop important skills that I now use on a day to day basis (communication, attention to detail and research to name a few).