With Media you can do a range of subjects from sociology to sciences to art, and you can reflect that in your projects, it's just so diverse!

My favourite module in my years in Media so far has been The Photographic Message which was in my first year of study. With that module I was able to be really creative in exploring so many aspects and reflect so much emotion in the work that I produced. It was really creative, I reflected so much emotion in it and it gave me the platform to explore so many different aspects such as identity and stereotypes.

There are lots of resources when it comes to this course, for one the Media Building has 24 hour access so at any point you can come in and do you work, at night or in the morning. There's a range of cameras, filming equipment, tripods, there's everything you need. You don't need to go out and buy anything as its all here for you to use.

The studio is really nice, it has adjustable lighting and a variety of backgrounds and it allows me to do nearly all of my creative work in there.

With Media, because it's really broad, you can end up in any career field that you want. When I came in my first year, I thought I wanted to be a journalist, but now I want to do a masters degree in film because I want to be a producer. But then, who knows? I might change my mind! At the end of the day that's the beauty of it, its really diverse and you can do anything with a degree in Media.