I really love that we get to work in groups, allowing us to meet other people and share knowledge. I do think it benefits me to share knowledge with other people, as it allows us to get to know what other people think about certain ideas, as well as preparing us for the career world. I like that Media is a very international course, with a wide range of people and cultures from all over the world with lots of different knowledge and experiences, allows for a good mix when it comes to making projects.

I love the media building as it is like one big maze with everyone's artwork presented as well as the screening room and studio. I like the studio as you can go in at any time and sign up on the timetable for a slot and just have fun with photography and filming. I also really like that Media allows us to put theory in to practice. Its not just sitting in a classroom and learning one thing over and over, but actually getting to the field and getting it done.

I really like the teaching staff at Keele, specifically in the Media department, as they are very friendly and are always there to help you with whatever you need. The workload in the Media department isn't overwhelming, it really depends upon how well you organise your time as an individual. Everything is really spread out, so if you are organised things can be done.

I would definitely advise someone to take the Media course as it is very diverse and you get to do a lot of fun activities, get to meet new people and go out and make your own films and photo projects. Media has allowed me to branch in to multiple career paths. I'm not just stuck in one career path but have the option to go in to many different careers.

My highlight of Media so far is putting together my film in the first year and presenting my final project to the seminar group.