Dean Jarvis, BSc Computer Science and Physics

I am Dean Jarvis, I Studied at Keele for my undergraduate in Physics and Computer Science and then proceeded to do an MPhil in computer science. I initially decided to study at Keele after attending the free public lectures that were held in the physics and chemistry department. I saw how beautiful the campus was and that there was the option for dual honours and language studies and had made my mind up. My primary choice for study was physics, but as it was dual honours only, I decided to choose computer science due to my vague interest in computers and the lack of previous experience in programming needed to do computer science at Keele. I enjoyed both my courses and even took additional classes in Japanese.

Once I reached my third year I enjoyed my computer science dissertation so much that I wanted to carry on in the same area of study. This lead me to start an MPhil in computer science. I was able to study in part due to the £10,000 post graduate loan that student finance provided and due to the part time job as a practical class demonstrator for the first and second year computer science students.

In general my main reasons as to why I recommend Keele as a place to study is due to: The dual honours courses, the language centre, the excellent lectures and staff, the beautiful campus and the close proximity to all essentials.

I have already started a career in automotive software development for advanced driver assistance. I mainly got this job due to a conference paper that I published with the help of my supervisor, Theocharis Kyriacou. My time at Keele has provided me with nothing but opportunity at every turn.