Lianna, Media

Keele University combines many different factors that I wanted from a university; a lovely campus, a very good reputation and a lot of flexibility in regards to what I wanted to study. A lot of the flexibility was down to the combined honours combination as this allowed a variety of modules to become available from different subject areas. Also there was the opportunity to study modules from different schools, in my first year I undertook modules in Psychology and even Japanese. There was a lot of opportunity to try new things and have a degree moulded to your own interests.

After graduating I began working as a Management Consultant intern for a year. This was found through Graduate Advantage, a scheme that helps small businesses in the West Midlands employ graduates from West Midlands universities. The company I worked for was a very small consultancy that worked with SME’s to improve their growth. This was valuable work experience, allowing me to see how many different types of business worked and helping them with a range of projects from creating marketing plans to recruiting new positions. Some of my modules really helped me with this role, I used models I learned about and applied them to our clients.