James O'Crowley, BSc Biomedical Science

When I first visited Keele for an open day I truly got a sense of what university life should be like, the beautiful cut off campus made Keele look like a quiet haven, rather than an overwhelming feeling, everything about the university felt a lot more welcoming. Getting to speak with one of the course’s head lecturers he felt less like an authority figure questioning why I should be there and more like a real person willing to share their experiences, staff that wanted to offer students something different and unique. By my time leaving campus that day I’d already decided that Keele would be the place for me. There was always time and willingness to help in any areas that required it by staff, with many that went the extra mile to provide support, putting in extra work for students' sakes, with modules combining both relevant learning with useful workplace skills and critical thinking, adding a more human side to healthcare. By covering all areas/departments relevant to Biomedical Science and then allowing choice into a broader spectrum of interest it helps to provide students with a better idea of where they want to go afterwards. The laboratories available were always well equipped, especially now since the building expansion, allowing an adequate insight into current testing methods. I was given opportunities to go on day visits to local hospitals, looking across various departments, which was very useful in getting a feel for the actual field. I’m confident that when my Master's course is complete I’ll have the freedom to be able to find a job that I actually enjoy doing in an area that I find interesting. Keele and its lecturers have done extra to put me ahead.