Hazel, Accounting and Finance

The way that KBS structures its courses appeals to me as the tutorials are very useful in understanding the lectures.  The lecturers in KBS are also very knowledgeable and passionate in their field.  The lectures are always delivered at high quality because they are passionate about teaching their subject. Always seek guidance from the tutors when you have to complete an assignment.  Face-to-face communication with the tutors is the key to understanding their expectations towards the given assignments and it is my tried-and-tested method of not going off tangent with the assignment questions.

Unlike universities from busy cities, Keele University is an ideal place to pursue a university degree as it has the quiet, friendly and peaceful environment that would not distract you from your studies.  The fact that it is a campus-based university makes the community even more tight knitted and it gives you the opportunity to meet new people easily.

My chosen degree provides me with exam exemptions in the prestigious ACCA qualification, I am able to progress my professional accountancy papers much quicker and therefore, speeding up my process to be qualified.