Angelique Nairn, graduated with a 2(i)

"It was certainly difficult departing from my country of sun, sand, and sea, to adjust to the cold and rainy weather. However, the welcoming atmosphere generated from every single employee at Keele really made up for this discomfort. In my opinion, Keele University is more than just an institution of higher education; it’s a community of persons geared towards offering support along with a preeminent environment for learning, as I refer to it as Keele Village.

The Lectures were assembled in a way that was readily understandable and interesting. The Lecturers are always available during their office hours to answer any questions with regard to the course. Even during the seminars/tutorials, the tutors would always ask beforehand if any of the students have any concerns which they can address to bring clarity to the issue. Although I’ll be returning to the Bahamas to complete the final stage of my education, I will always cherish this three year journey at Keele."