Grace Ormandy

"I did my placement with the Canal and River Trust based at Anderton Boat Lift. Whilst I am a history student, I wanted to participate in a placement project that was associated more with education rather than history. This is because education is the career I wish to pursue. Throughout my placement, my main role was to produce educational resources for school trips mainly for young children in primary schools. I created a script for a boat trip, session plans for an EYFS storytelling club, and helped to create activities for both events."

"My work placement really put into perspective what kind of things I need to know and appreciate
in my future as a primary school teacher. I grew a better understanding of the importance of educational visits and was able to get some experience creating lesson plans. Throughout my placement, I also did a lot of research on the National Curriculum for primary school students. My experience with this allowed me to have a better grasp of learning outcomes and benchmarks for learning and the whole experience will help me when I go on to apply for teacher training programmes."