Rosemary Ward, Environment and Sustainability

Year studied Environment & Sustainability:  

2012-2015 Graduated with a First in 2015

Current employment and type of business:

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff - Engineering Consultancy

Job title:

Graduate Transport Planner 

What are the different steps you took after graduating from Keele in terms of travel, further study and jobs? 

During the summer holidays on my second year at Keele University I worked with a small transport consultancy. I really enjoyed the work experience and my undergraduate degree at Keele allowed me to understand the importance of sustainability in real life case studies. After graduating from Keele University I decided to study for a MSc in Transport Planning at the University of Leeds for 1 year. I have recently just finished my course (September 2016) and have now started my grown-up life as a Graduate Transport Planner.

How did you get your current position and what does your current position involve?

After a few months of starting my postgraduate degree I applied to lots of transport consultancies and attended a few interviews. Around December 2015 I was offered a graduate job with WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, a world-wide engineering consultant. I have only just started my role as a Graduate Transport Planner however so far I am really enjoying the office life. My current position involves me producing transport plans in QGIS along with writing reports of the development of housing proposals and council masterplans. With time I hope to build relationships with clients, visit sites and attend public consultations. There is also the possibility for myself to work on projects abroad in a few years’ time, which I am really looking forward to!

What did you learn on the Environmental course which helped you get the job, or helps with your role now?

My BSc Environment and Sustainability provided me with a good sound basis for writing essays and in the work life, writing reports. The degree at Keele University also covered a wide range of topics which was also very beneficial when I studied my Master’s degree at Leeds University. I think that having an understanding of what sustainability is, is also very important when applying for jobs as most employers and businesses are aiming towards that goal. 

What would you like a prospective student to know about studying our environmental courses at Keele?

The staff are very friendly and always willing to help you with general advice or course related work. The organised field trips were an excellent way of making friends from the other environmental course and also provided you with great hands on experience which may also be beneficial for your final year dissertation. A top tip for life at Keele University as an Environmental Student would be to get involved with the local community or take a role in an extra-curricular activity…it will set you apart when you decide to look for jobs or apply for further study in the future!