Chloe Robison-Smith, Environment and Sustainability

Year studied Environment & Sustainability:  

2011-2014 Graduated with a 2(i) BSc 

Current employment:

Norwich City Council, Norfolk - Local Authority

Job title:

Environmental Communications Coordinator

What are the different steps you took after graduating from Keele in terms of travel, further study and jobs?  

I started to apply for career jobs straight after graduating hoping that I would get a job soon after. In the meantime I got a part-time retail job and undertook some voluntary work as a Publicity Assistant for Cambridge Carbon Footprint. I also secured another voluntary position for Action Aid where a group of us travelled to Ibiza and promoted and engaged the holiday makers on their campaign that stood up for the rights of young people in poverty.

The process of getting my first job in my career took me a lot longer than I expected, but it was my voluntary experience that stood out in my interview and landed me my first career job working for Norwich City Council.

How did you get your current position and what does your current position involve?

I researched job sites almost every day and came across the vacancy of Environmental Communications Coordinator for Norwich City Council. I filled in an application and soon after had a telephone interview, of which I was invited back for a proper interview. I had to create a presentation on how I would engage Norwich citizens on sustainable lifestyles and present it to the interview panel. The interview went well and a couple of days later I was told I was successful and got the job!

Being the Environmental Communications Coordinator for Norwich City Council is a varied and fun role. My position is focused on environmental behaviour change which involves coordinating sustainability events for the local community, notably Norfolk’s premier sustainable living festival which previously attracted 8,300 visitors. I work to engage Norwich citizens on the small steps they can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle, through creative communication and fun activities.

What did you learn on the Environmental course which helped you get the job, or helps with your role now?

The process of my dissertation taught me the basics of project management and helped me to stand out in my interview. The data collection and analysing aspect of it has been beneficial in my current role when collecting and analysing feedback from events, which I then present in a report and deliver to the City Councillors.

What would you like a prospective student to know about studying our environmental courses at Keele?

The Environmental courses are very varied and have something for everyone, ranging from Business modules to Ecology. The fact that they’re so broad keeps your options open for when you graduate and leaves your career open to many opportunities – which is great if you still don’t know what you want to do as a career at the time, like me!