Alex Davies, Environment and Sustainability

Year studied Environment & Sustainability:

2011 - 2014 Graduated with a 2(i) BSc

Current employment:

Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd, London, Environmental Consultancy 

Job title

Junior Consultant

What are the different steps you took after graduating from Keele in terms of travel, further study and jobs?  

After graduation I worked in the ski industry, working with various university ski groups. This allowed me to travel to universities across country, as well as working out in French ski resorts. Working in a small business environment, I learnt a lot about how businesses work and found a way to ease my way into working life.

In the early New Year I set my aim to getting my first ‘real’ job. I applied for a number of graduate schemes, and other opportunities I found after signing up to weekly updates from environmentjob. Although the process was long and felt like a lot of defeat, it was important to keep putting 100% into every application, for the day I eventually got invited for an interview. I attended an interview at Leicester City Council after producing a report and giving a presentation, and was amazed when I was offered a position as a Service Development Officer in Waste Management. It was thanks to the experience I had built up during the work experience module that had supported me and given me the experience needed to secure the position.

How did you get your current position and what does your current position involve?

Almost three years after graduating, I had been able to build up two years’ worth of experience in Waste Management. After being in my previous position for 18 months, I had decided that it was time for a new challenge and to gain some new experience.

I started applying for jobs that piqued my interest and which I thought would be a challenge. I attended a few interviews, until I found an advert for a position with Eunomia Research and Consulting, and decided that it was really something I would enjoy. After working extremely hard on perfecting my cover letter and application over 3 weeks, I was invited for an interview and presentation and then a second interview.

My current position is a Junior Consultant and involves working with local authorities on a number of waste management projects, from creating efficiencies in waste and recycling collection routes, or creating models to understand the impact of changing recycling service designs.

What did you learn on the Environmental course which helped you get the job, or helps with your role now?

The Environment and Sustainability course gives a great introduction to a large range of topics across sustainability and environment issues. Specifically, the work placement module gave me a great advantage in job applications against other graduates, as I had specific experience in the area I am now working in. Not only have I relied, and built upon, the knowledge I learnt during the course I have put into practice the skills such as producing high quality reports, analysing and collecting data. 

What would you like a prospective student to know about studying our environmental courses at Keele?

The courses offered a Keele provide a great foundation for building your career in the future, the range of modules offered and the opportunity to pick elective modules helps focus your interests. Without doubt the focus on future employment within the course is a great opportunity to take advantage of.