Daniel Gibbon, Accounting and Mathematics, 2017

Why did you chose to study at Keele Business School (KBS)?

I wanted to study both maths and accounting which the university offered and the lecturers impressed me right from the start.


What do you enjoy the most about studying at KBS?

The lecturers are approachable and are always at hand to give advice or information when required. On the accounting side the information has been relatable and enjoyable.


What advice would you give to someone considering studying at KBS?

Attend both the lectures and tutorials as both will help you. Embrace the challenge and if you do get stuck then ask a questions either to you tutor or your lecturer.


Would you recommend KBS/Keele University to friends considering university?

There is a very warm and welcoming environment in both KBS and the university itself and there is plenty going on on campus. There's always someone or somewhere you can go if you are having difficulties with your course or a certain module. 


What did you like about the supporting services at KBS/Keele University (personal tutor, careers and employability service etc).

That my personal tutor is helpful when needed, are easily accessible and are willing to meet when suits me best.