Vanessa Leon, Human Resource Management and Economics

I studied Economics, Business studies and French for my A levels in a public school in Seychelles. In order to be awarded a full government scholarship in Seychelles you have to obtain at least 18 points which is equivalent to three C’s. In order to get the opportunity to study in places such as the UK you need to get straight A’s or at least 24 points. Being a small country, makes it more difficult to secure a scholarship by the government since competition is really high. During my A levels I was awarded recommendation letters for my hard work and best performance in my subject. Apart from being good academically, I was also active in extra curriculum activities and also represented my school on national levels. For my final examination I excelled in my subjects, but did particularly well in economics with an A*. This gave me the opportunity to study in the UK whereby I applied to different universities and chose Keele as my final choice.

I chose Keele because of its location as I was struggling to make a decision. I did not know what to expect, being far away from home and my first time in the UK was frightening. English not being my first language added to the nerves as I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with the lectures. My experience at Keele has been an extraordinary one as I found myself adapting better than I thought. The staff, the environment, the atmosphere and especially the support made my journey easier. The student support service was very helpful especially in the beginning with lots of things going on. Without these support, it would have been harder for me to cope, especially my personal tutor Steve French who has always been ready to help when I needed with motivating advice. The amount of societies there are to chose from are enormous and I took these opportunities to let off steam by joining the dance society which the best thing I could have done with my time. The people, both staff and students make me feel at home, especially the management school staff with their welcoming smiles and approachable mannerisms.

As the StAR (Student Academic Representative) for economics, I have been able to see first hand that staff really take student feedback into consideration.The Keele experience has built up my confidence, which has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. This will help me in my future career as I feel prepared to step into the world of work and take responsibilities. Keele does not just give you a degree but it also shapes you to step out there and take challenges. I would definitely recommend Keele to prospective students as it is the place to be for a number of reasons.