Lee Stringer, 1st Class Honours in Business Management and HRM

What did you gain from the course that you didn’t expect before you started?

The lecturers at Keele University have raised my level of awareness through opening my eyes to the world around me. It would be easy to list the many features that Keele University have to offer; however, the remarkable thing that makes Keele University stand out is its unique group of staff. From the hugely experienced and knowledgeable lecturers to the kind-hearted and caring nature of the service staff; Keele University is the absolute embodiment of the notion: ‘the pursuit of truth in the company of friends’ and is exactly what a learning establishment should aspire to be. 

Why would you recommend your course at Keele University to other students?

I have acquired a unique knowledge through my learning which I would genuinely consider priceless. This was obtained/ shaped by the entire structure of my experience that appears synonymous to a well thought out
grand-design, reminiscent of a successful formula for success. All I needed to do was participate to the best of my ability and the possibility of future success became a reality. I now have many offers of scholarships across a variety of different Universities. This will allow me to continue along my pathway which will eventually lead me towards my overall goal. The people I encountered at Keele University were the catalyst for change in my life. For this reason I would certainly like to reassure any prospective Keele student that they have made
a smart choice.