Elizabeth Jones, Astrophysics with Mathematics (2014)

Degree: Astrophysics with Mathematics (1st)

Graduated: 2014

Current Employment: Applications Engineer, Oxsensis Ltd

Main responsibilities in current job:

My position is an Applications Engineer in the commercial team at Oxsensis Ltd. We design and manufacture optical sensors for use in high temperature environments such as gas turbines. My main role is to discuss the technical aspects of these products with customers in order to gain new business. This  requires an understanding of the environment in which the sensors will be operated. Following these discussions I work with the engineering team within Oxsensis Ltd to translate customer requirements into a suitable solution.

Which skills are important for your job:

A background in physics is extremely useful for this role. This has enabled me to quickly understand how the company’s products operate based on fundamental principles, and the effects of environmental factors on the different materials within the products. Additionally, strong communication skills are necessary when working with customers.

Highlights of your job

My job gives me the opportunity to see interesting test rigs such as gas turbines in operation. This involves travel within the UK and internationally. There is also a lot of variety within my job. In a typical day I will work with both customers and teams within Oxsensis Ltd on multiple projects and from the start to the finish of these projects.

How did you find your job?

I was researching companies based in and around the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire and found the job posted on the Oxsensis Ltd website.

General advice

It is worth talking to professionals in your area of interest to find out how they entered the field. There are plenty of opportunities for good jobs that don’t require a Masters or PhD.