Cross-faculty prizes

Denise Coates Foundation Scholarship

Award type: Cheque or Bank Transfer
Amount: £1,500 x 100

This award has evolved from the bet365 foundation Opportunity Scholarship. It is offered to first year undergraduate students at Keele (who meet the eligibility criteria) and will be issued annually.

The Woods Family Scholarship

Award type: Cheque
Amount: £1000

Dr Matt Wood graduated from Keele in 1996 (BSc Economics & Physics) and was awarded a PhD Physics in 2000. He was Chair of the KPA from 1998-2000 and has served on the University Council. He currently lives and works in New York, USA.

Three awards of £1,000 will be awarded annually to first year students identified by postcode for low participation neighbourhoods, and by their entry grades from Admissions. Eligible students will be invited to submit a 500 word statement attesting to their suitability for the award. The awarding panel will be convened by the Development Office in consultation with the donor.

This scholarship will be listed on the HEAR, and will be announced at graduation.

School prizes and awards