Personal development

As well as enabling our students to develop their academic expertise, we believe in educating the whole person, building skills for life, as well as for work.

So we deliver a broad-based education in a dynamic environment, where debate, discussion and learning happens within the classroom and beyond. Our approach is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, which means perspectives are shared across subjects, where students are encouraged to see the world in different ways, and become truly accomplished.

Keele Graduate Attributes

In this area you will have the opportunity to develop the following Keele Graduate Attributes:

  1. a professional and reflective approach, including qualities of leadership, responsibility, personal integrity, empathy, care and respect for others, accountability and self-regulation
  2. the knowledge, skills, self-confidence and self-awareness actively to pursue your future goals
  3. the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in written and verbal forms for different purposes and to a variety of audiences
  4. the flexibility to thrive in rapidly changing and uncertain external environments and to update skills and knowledge as circumstances require.

How do I evidence this?

Your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) will provide you with a comprehensive record of all your university achievements, including some of your co-curricular activities, both during and upon completion of your academic studies at Keele. It is an extended academic transcript and will contain detailed information about your learning and achievements and along with your degree certificate will support applications for employment and further study.