Active citizenship

Through volunteering opportunities and engagement in the sustainability agenda, students learn how to contribute for the good of society as well as enterprise. 

Benefitting from our internationalisation strategy, students become world ready, as well as work ready. Through real-world engagement the transition into work life after University is smoothed, improving employability potential and the results for graduates and employers alike. Students leave us uniquely prepared, clear about who they are and what they want to be. 

Keele Graduate Attributes

In this area you will have the opportunity to develop the following Keele Graduate Attributes:

  1. the ability and motivation to participate responsibly and collaboratively as an active citizen in the communities in which you live and work
  2. an appreciation of the social, environmental and global implications of your studies and other activities, including recognition of any ethical and sustainability implications

How do I evidence this?

Your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) will provide you with a comprehensive record of all your university achievements, including some of your co-curricular activities, both during and upon completion of your academic studies at Keele. It is an extended academic transcript and will contain detailed information about your learning and achievements and along with your degree certificate will support applications for employment and further study.