What is studying abroad?

Studying abroad is the perfect way to explore the world, gain vital skills and increase your employability. You can do all of this while continuing on your Keele degree programme at one of our partner universities.

There are two different ways for you to gain a global experience during your time at Keele: a Semester Exchange or an International Year.

The Semester Exchange option helps you gain an international perspective in both your learning and life skills.  It means that you don’t have to spend a full-year abroad, but you can still broaden your learning experience within a different culture.

Duration Does it add time to my degree? Will I study modules from my subject area? Will it count towards my degree?
1 semester in your second year (4-6 months) No Yes Yes

When do I go?

Depending on your chosen destination, you’ll study abroad in the first semester or second semester of your second year.

What do I study?

  • Your programme of study will be matched to your Keele programme.
  • Studying abroad on exchange counts towards your degree in the same way as if you remained at Keele, so you don’t need to worry about making up credits.

Have you ever thought about seeing the world as you complete your degree?

The International Year is an excellent opportunity for you to enhance and create your own bespoke degree.  It will help boost your independence and confidence and can even provide a life changing experience.

Duration Does it add time to my degree? Will I study modules from my subject area? Will it count towards my degree?
1 year Your degree will become 4 years 40% modules will be in your Subject area the rest of the modules will be complementary Yes, your International year is a Pass/Fail, your degree will read “with International Year”

When do I go?

The year abroad takes place between years two and three of your degree. Students can either study for a whole year at one of our partner universities or you could take a split placement and study at two different universities in different destinations.

What do I study?

  • 40% of modules have to be in your subject area
  • The rest of the modules can complement your degree programme at Keele
  • The International Year is a Pass/Fail Year