Study abroad for Keele Students

To support our students in gaining invaluable skills, we offer a great range of study abroad and international opportunities for students to participate in during their undergraduate studies. Having the opportunity to study a semester abroad or go on the International Year allows you to undertake part of your undergraduate degree outside of the UK at one of our exchange partner universities.

Studying abroad is the perfect way to explore the world, gain vital skills and increase your employability. You can do all of this while continuing on your Keele degree programme at one of our partner universities.


The majority of our courses give you the chance to spend a Semester or a Year studying abroad. Study abroad is a fantastic opportunity; here are just some of the benefits:

  • Academic and personal development
  • A chance to see the world and travel to a different country
  • Broaden your horizons
  • A boost for your CV and employability
  • Improve your language skills and cultural awareness
  • Inspires confidence and independence
  • Make lifelong friends!

There are two different ways for you to gain a global experience during your time at Keele: a Semester Exchange or an International Year. Semester exchange helps you gain an international perspective in both your learning and life skills.  It means that you don’t have to spend a full-year abroad, but you can still broaden your learning experience within a different culture. The International Year is an excellent opportunity for you to enhance and create your own bespoke degree.  It will help boost your independence and confidence and can even provide a life changing experience.

Type Duration Does it add time to my degree? Will I study modules from my subject areas? Will it count towards my degree?
Semester Exchange 1 semester in your 2nd year (4-6 months) No Yes- you must map your modules at Keele to modules available at your host Yes
International Year 1 year (in between 2nd and 3rd year) Yes, your degree will become 4 years 40% of modules will be in your subject area, the rest you are able to choose from subjects relating to your main subject area The International Year is a pass/fail year. If you pass all modules, your degree will read "with International Year"

Keele has a number of different partner institutions across the world in Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and the USA. Keele's exchange agreements work on a reciprocal basis and so it would not be possible for you to go to an institution with whom we don't have an agreement. 

Provided you can find your subject area taught at one of our partner universities, you can apply there! There are some restrictions on subjects for some of our partners, but this will be made clear during the application process.

If you do speak another language, great, however, this is not a requirement of the year abroad. The majority of our partners teach in English although we cannot guarantee they will teach your subject area in English. As above, if you can find your subject area at one of our partners taught in English, then you do not need to be proficient in their language.

Please note that some of our partners may ask for a certain level of their language in order to take certain classes or be able to live comfortably outside of academic life.

The Language Centre offers a wide range of opportunities to student Modern Languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese if you would like to learn a little bit before you go abroad. 

The Erasmus+ programme enables you to undertake either a study or traineeship placement at a European host university or organisation for a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 12 months. Eligible students receive an Erasmus+ grant provided by the European Commission - this is paid through Keele. The grant contributes towards the costs of studying abroad. 

You can either undertake an Erasmus+ Study Placement or an Erasmus+ Traineeship (work placement) in an EU university or organisation. There are also a number of Postgraduate Traineeships available with a number of Keele Schools. 

The Erasmus pages provide further information on all activity that can be funded by the European Commission along with grant rates. 

Tuition Fees

The exchange agreements between Keele and its partner universities mean that students are not required to pay tuition fees to the host university for the duration of the exchange period (unless otherwise stated).

Students are still required to pay tuition fees to Keele. If you are away from the University for the full academic year then you will be required to pay the ‘year abroad fee’.

  Year Abroad fee: Home & EU Year Abroad fee: Overseas students
students taking a full year abroad in 2019/20 15% of current Keele tuition fees 15% of current Keele tuition fees   
students taking a single semester normal tuition fee   normal tuition fee

If you are away from Keele for less than the full academic year, fees payable may be different. Please contact the Finance Department to confirm fees due.

If you receive assistance with paying your tuition fees this support should remain the same (this should be confirmed with the Finance department or Student Finance England (and equivalents)).

Student Finance 

Students can still apply for the full Maintenance Loan and/or Grant from Student Finance England (and equivalents in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland). Student Finance England have produced a film explaining Student Finance for Studying Abroad. In most cases, students would receive additional support for the year abroad and in addition, for students classed as widening participation or access students, there is a travel grant available to cover the first £303 of any flights, visa or vaccinations/health insurance for the year abroad. If eligible, students would receive this directly from the relevant student finance company. 

Funding Opportunities

The Erasmus+ grant is available to all students undertaking an eligible study or work placement at a European partner university or organisation. This varies between €370 to €540 per month on top of any maintenance loans or grants and depends on the host country. 

There are a number of other non EU funding opportunities available to students looking to do a year or semester abroad. Keele also offers a £1000 bursary to students who meet specific criteria.  The Study Abroad Fees and Bursary page provides further information. 

Throughout the year we hold several events relating to study abroad. There are different events and sessions available, depending on what stage of your study abroad journey you are at. The Global Opportunities Team are available throughout the year to offer support and guidance with your study abroad journey. Our Peer Advisors are also happy to help and give some first hand experience of the year abroad and the journey to get there!  


The best place to find out about studying abroad and what opportunities are available to you is to attend our annual study abroad fair.

This will be held in the Keele SU Ballroom in on the 22nd October 2019. There will be a further opportunity to find out more in Spring 2020.

We welcome all first and second-year students to come along to find out more about:

  • Semester Exchange
  • International Year
  • Summer Schools
  • Language Residential Programmes
  • Projects Abroad
  • Faculty Led Programmes

During the fair you will have the opportunity to talk to Keele students who have studied abroad and international students who are studying at Keele from our partners.  They can provide information and advice to help you choose your destination!

During the Fair we will be encouraging students to sign up for an Information Session – these sessions are compulsory and will provide more in depth information about studying abroad. If you do not attend one of the information sessions, you will not receive the application form.



Drop-in Session with Peer Advisers

Monday to Friday 10:00-4:00pm


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Drop-in Session with Global Opportunities Team 

Tuesday 9:00-12:00pm

Wednesday 12:00- 4:00pm

Friday 10:00-12:00pm

Other times by appointment- please email

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