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The "Let's chat about..." series is the perfect opportunity to ask Keele students anything you like about studying with us - whether you'd like to know more about your subject area, or would like to learn more about student life at Keele!

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(Note: we strongly recommend attending the Live Chat for your course school to help keep the information relevant. We've included the subject areas that each live chat will cover in the table below).


Event Who’s it for? Time Date Register Did you miss us? You can still chat with us!
Let's chat about Medicine!

2021 and 2022 entrants for; Medicine, Public Health and Social Work. 6pm September 17 Register

Mustafa -Medicine
Vic - Social Work

Let's chat about Law! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; all programes within Law. 6pm    October 1 Register April - Law
Let's chat about Humanities! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; English Literature, Creative Writing, English and American Literature, Film, History, Media, Music and Music Technology. 6pm October 6 Register Ellie - English Literature 
Let's chat about Business! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management and Marketing. 6pm October 8 Register Alix - Marketing and Human Resource Management
Let's chat about Social, Political and Global Studies! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Criminology, Education, International Relations, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Politics and Sociology. 6pm October 13 Register Kyle - Criminology 
Let's chat about Psychology! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; all programmes within Psychology. 6pm 
October 15 Register Nadia - Psychology
Let's chat about Life Sciences! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science, Human Biology and Neuroscience. 6pm October 20 Register Natasha - Biomedical Science
Let's chat about Chemical and Physical Sciences! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Forensic Science, Physics and Astrophysics. 6pm October 22 Register Beth -  Forensic Science
Let's chat about Computing and Maths! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Computer Science, Data Science and Mathematics. 7pm October 27 Register  
Let's chat about Geography, Geology and the Environment! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Geography, Geology, Environmental Science and Sustainability and Natural Sciences. 7pm October 29 Register  
Let's chat about Nursing and Midwifery! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Nursing (all fields) and Midwifery.
7pm November 3 Register  
Let's chat about Allied Health Professions! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Radiography, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science, Physiotherapy. 7pm November 5 Register  
Let's chat about Pharmacy and Bioengineering! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science, Techology and Business and Cell and Tissue Engineering. 7pm November 10 Register  
Let's chat about Foundation Year! 2021 and 2022 entrants for; all Foundation Year routes. 7pm November 12 Register