The Keele Key Fund

£110,000 of funding available for students and staff across the University. The Fund is funded by Keele alumni.

The Keele Key Fund was established to bring together the goodwill and generosity of Keele alumni to financially benefit the university and its students. In 2018/19, the Key Fund is also enhanced by funds following the strikes which occurred during the 2017/18 academic year.

The Keele Key Fund invests annually in creative, innovative and extraordinary projects that will have an immediate impact on the campus, enhance the student experience, and have a positive impact on the student community. Projects have included Mental Health First Aid training, sports equipment, ACeD Bursaries and Live Age. 

The Fund is open to all students and academic and professional services staff to bid for. Most successful past applications have been for the value of £500-£2,500, and you can bid for up to a maximum of £10,000 for your innovative project.

There is £80,000 funding available for student projects, and £30,000 for staff projects.

If you’re an alumni and would like to support the Keele Key Fund, please visit the alumni pages for more information.