Wassam Romi, Smart Energy Management MSc

The development in today’s renewable energy systems and rising investments in the energy sector intrigued me and I decided to investigate further into the subject. After which I found this course being taught at Keele University.  

I realised my interest in the new subject and decided to pursue a master’s degree even though my background is in mechanical engineering and marketing. The course offers inter-disciplinary modules that are all essential for a career in the energy sector.  

The course offered me a wide range of modules and software skills including R and SQL for data analytics and databases along with Python for system design and programming. While these skills are important, an understanding of how electricity grids operate and what type of energy management strategies are utilised is also a core learning from this MSc. I also explored machine learning and practiced forecasting energy demand based on collected SEND data in the smart grids & energy transition module.  

Additionally, I learned key consulting skills through applying for an internship that was offered as a part of the S.E.N.D project. The placement was paid and part-time which helped me throughout my second semester. It gave me industry-relevant skills and important insight into how projects are conceptualised and executed. My placement research aimed to identify and review technologies that can be used for recovering thermal and kinetic energies during the testing of an internal combustion engine for an engine manufacturer.  

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to work in an exciting new field and has an interest in pursuing a PhD later as there are many opportunities for everyone to build their academic or professional careers.  

I am delighted to have completed this degree and leave the university with a good mentorship experience from the tutors. Every aspect of the course helped me build professionally and personally.