Wura Oke

What made you decide to study the MA Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy, and Practice?

After qualifying as a social worker I always wanted to upgrade my skills and knowledge about adult safeguarding but that meant that I had to go part time with my job in order to go for a Masters’ degree or any other higher qualification. This meant compromising my income, as a single mother this was not going to be helpful

However with the MA Safeguarding Adults course delivered at Keele University I was able to stay in control of my full time job and also study full time. The course did fit very well in my annual leave days and I am happy to have enrolled at Keele University.

What did you find/have you found to be the most interesting aspect of the course’s content?

I have found many things interesting in almost all modules but what stands out most is the friendly and approachable demeanour for lectures. They made me feel comfortable, and able to ask questions at any point. The support on this course is enormous. The Safeguarding and Carers module was my favourite as it was delivered virtually and I could always go back and play the audio for lectures in case I was not sure of anything. Overall every module was worth my attendance. Those of you safeguarding adults and who have not been on this course it is high time you think twice!

What other aspects to the course have you particularly appreciated or enjoyed?

My cohort has been very friendly I have had a chance of meeting and discussing with colleagues of high profile positions in adult social care and I have learnt a lot from their contribution on the cohort platform and in lectures. I have also been able to appreciate how different local authorities practice.

Has the course been useful for you professionally?

After only three months of being on the course, I was able to take on more safeguarding cases and I had already developed professional curiosity where I looked at cases differently.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for the course?

There is no doubt that this course is very hard and at times I felt like quitting or going part time as the option was there. There was a day when I went to bed in the morning because I spent the whole night writing up my dissertation!

Having said that, wherever I approached the course staff Laura or Hannah, they could support me and advise me of areas where I needed to improve and how I could do it without putting so much pressure on myself. All the information about the course was online and it was sufficient.