Lindsey Bampton, Safeguarding Board Manager

What made you decide to study the MA Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy, and Practice?

With my safeguarding adults board manager role, which built on my career in criminal justice, there was so much about the MA Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy, and Practice that appealed to me. Being designed for a range of professionals working with adults meant that there would be a multidisciplinary cohort of students to learn alongside. That the course was designed for those in employment was another huge positive; teaching taking place in blocks of study meant that I would be able to study for an MA on a part time basis, whilst working full-time. This teaching format worked particularly well for me in relation to childcare.

Run by the School of Law, with lectures in the Moot Court Room, it was the content of the course that appealed to me the most. With my background in family mediation, probation, and domestic homicide reviews, this MA was an opportunity to further enhance my knowledge of safeguarding adults: law, policy, and practice.

What did you find/have you found to be the most interesting aspect of the course’s content?

Not having a social work background, I found the emergence of adult safeguarding module particularly useful in making sense of the work of safeguarding adults today. The most interesting aspect of the course’s content was learning about the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court, which I found fascinating.

What other aspects to the course have you particularly appreciated or enjoyed?

A relatively small class size has meant that students on the MA have been able to keep in touch throughout the course, supporting each other between teaching modules. Despite being dispersed across the country, our class has maintained regular contact, which I have really appreciated. Learning from a variety of guest lecturers with interests in specific areas of safeguarding adults has also made the course particularly enjoyable. Ultimately, what makes the course so worthwhile is the knowledge of the Keele School of Law lecturers and their ability to teach complex concepts and areas of work in ways that can be easily understood.

Has the course been useful for you professionally?

The biggest impact the course has had on my professional practice is the increased confidence I now have, when contributing to adult safeguarding work at a national level. I received an acknowledgement as a member of the ‘expert reference group’ in the publication Adult Safeguarding and Homelessness A Briefing on Positive Practice, and subsequently peer reviewed a first draft of a safeguarding adults strategic briefing for Research in Practice. Currently a member of an ‘expert reference group’ supporting the publication of another national briefing relating to safeguarding adults, the course has provided me with an increased knowledge and understanding which greatly supports me in these roles. You can also find me on Twitter @LindseyBampton.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for the course?

To anyone thinking of applying for the course, I would say speak to someone who has completed an MA whilst working full time. A colleague was able to give me advice about the commitment required for studying at this level, which was helpful when determining whether to undertake the course on a 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year basis (I opted for 2 years).