Colin Griffiths, Social Work Quality Assurance Lead

What made you decide to study the MA Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy, and Practice?

I was specifically looking for a safeguarding course over the past few years. Having looked at the content of others most of them seemed to be all encompassing, in fact some were

particularly geared towards children and children services. The Keele MA demonstrated in the advertising literature covered many of the subjects that I have an interest in. An email was sent to the local authority I was working for at the time which highlighted a lot of these specifics, I remember it being represented very clearly and concisely which is what attracted me to it. Lastly, the price of the course seemed particularly reasonably priced as a comparable course I was looking at, was nearly double the price.

What have you found to be the most interesting aspect of the course’s content?

The most interesting aspect of the course for me was contained within the safeguarding interventions module. The sessions around self-neglect and hoarding were a great interest to me. I used some of the paperwork in a practical sense within my workplace and shared this with other colleagues. This really helped with unpicking some difficult issues as well as helping with peer-group reflection. This subject sparked my interest even further, ultimately leading me to complete my dissertation on self-neglect/hoarding.

What other aspects to the course have you particularly appreciated or enjoyed?

It was very interesting for me to work with professionals from a vast array of different professions. One of the most awarding aspects for me was group discussions and it was very pleasing to observe as well as learn from others. This diversity complimented to the rich content of the course making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Has the course been useful for you professionally?

The knowledge and skills I have obtained has been so useful in a variety of different ways. For example, many of the slides and info has been useful to show and discuss with colleagues whether that be around mental capacity, or indeed the future of safeguarding in England and Wales. Overall, the course has been invaluable in a professional context, and I have already recommended it to other people in my network, as I believe word of mouth is the biggest endorsement a course can have.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for the course?

I was initially quite hesitant about applying for the course, considering the fact it was quite far from home, but knowing what I know now I would jump straight in without a doubt. If you are looking for a course to change your thought process and challenge you then this is the right course for you. Prepare to think outside the box and allow the metamorphosis to take hold of you and you will not regret it. I have changed my overall mindset for the better when starting to challenge issues in the safeguarding arena.

What have you done since completing the course?

A WhatsApp group was created as means of keeping in touch and it has been very useful, ideas and tips have been shared in relation to my particular thesis subject area as well all subjects included. LinkedIn has been used by myself and others on the course as means of connection, with some of my peers posting useful links and articles especially safeguarding related ones.

My knowledge of safeguarding has experientially grown, the discussion and debates has now been at an enhanced level, I credit the MA with improvement as I now have greater knowledge and skills which I can demonstrate in a more effective manner, as well as share with other professionals. I recently secured a practice lead role with a local authority and various questions about safeguarding came up and, due to the course giving me greater confidence, my skills and knowledge were on display for all to see.