Sarah O'Beirne

Why did you choose to study this course at Keele?
Keele offered a course that allowed me to have a unique blend of modules to incorporate many of my interests including surgery, research, teaching and cell and tissue engineering. This was unlike any other intercalation course that I could find in the UK.

What do you enjoy about the course at Keele and why?
I really enjoyed having control over my modules and assignment topics. I felt as though my interests were supported and the extremely small class sizes allowed my teaching time to be of high quality. I was put in touch with academic surgeons for research and was able to network to improve my knowledge of surgery through the surgical courses run at Keele.

How supportive are tutors/staff/school?
All of the staff I came into contact with were incredibly helpful and supportive. Between them I felt that all bases were covered and nothing was ever too much to ask. The anatomy team in particular were very accommodating.

How will the course help with your career development?
This course has given me a springboard into academic surgery as I now have teaching experience, improved anatomy knowledge and research under my belt. I feel that by taking this year to focus solely on improving my knowledge outside the medicine curriculum has encouraged me to carry out research in the future. This year helped me to realise that I really do want to be an academic surgeon.

Would you recommend Keele University as a place to study and why?
Yes! Keele is a lovely campus with an incredible focus on student wellbeing and environmental sustainability which is greater than other universities that I have seen so far.