This course gave me the essential skills in product design and the confidence to work through a new product development from initial conception to market release.

After studying Product Design, I wanted to progress in a more niche field of medical device engineering, which really interested me. I want to be involved and create new products that have a positive impact on saving people’s lives. Keele was able to offer this niche area of study, to enable me to take my ambition further.
The course director was really good, extremely knowledgably, supportive, and has amazing links to industry. This proved invaluable, as he arranged various field trips, including a visit to a manufacture of sterilisation equipment and Medica 2019 in Germany: the biggest medical device trade fair. These field trips helped us to see what actually happens in organisations and Medica illustrated the numerous areas you could progress your career and showcased various new innovations.
The theme of the course was very industry focused and covered design control and aspects to work, mould and produce medical devices in accordance with the industry standards and regulations. There are lots of industry standards and regulations, which can be overwhelming at first, but the way in which the course director taught them and went over these throughout the programme was really good and you find they become second nature and part of the way you think and work.
This course (MSc in Medical Engineering Design) didn’t just provided me with the knowledge in medical device design, but it also gave me the essential skills in product design, survey, and release to market, which is obviously critical. It gave me the confidence to work through a new product development from initial conception to market release, whilst adhering to all the relevant industry standards and regulations.
These skills and industry knowledge proved invaluable to me when going for interviews. The knowledge and skills I had gained, especially around standards and regulations, particularly impressed the interviewers and I am convinced was central to being offered a job so quickly.
I am extremely pleased and exciting to have secured my first job as a Design Support Officer with Endomag, based in Cambridge, who specialise in technologies for cancer care.
Keele is a lovely place to study. The grounds are nice and plenty of space to relax and study, including the Keele’s postgraduate association, which offers support specifically to postgraduate students and is a place to socialise and relax in too.
I would strongly recommend this course (MSc in Medical Engineering Design) and studying at Keele University. The course exceeded my expectations and really gave me the skills I needed to progress my career in the industry of medical device engineering.