Felicity Adams LLB, LLM in Law and Society with Distinction

"The Law and Society LLM explored a diverse range of theoretical and methodological perspectives and I gained invaluable insight into qualitative and quantitative research design. I critically engaged with legal phenomena in its broader socio-legal context in an environment fostering creativity and independent curiosity. An enriching, illuminating and relevant postgraduate course beneficial to all seeking to interrogate law beyond its doctrinal roots".

Felicity received an internal doctoral scholarship and embarked on her PhD studies at Keele in autumn 2018. Felicity continues her work as a Community Legal Companion as part of the nationwide CLOCK initiative; specialising in assisting sensitive and complex domestic and sexual violence related proceedings. She is trained in responding to the disclosure of sexual violence. (Savana, North Staffs). Felicity is a His Honour Jeremy McMullen QC scholar. She was 1 of 10 students in the UK to receive this scholarship in 2017 from The Honourable Society of Middle Temple.