"The Master's at Keele has not only strengthened my confidence and employability, but also my organisational skills"

“I believe my confidence is the greatest attribute that has developed from my time studying for a MA in HR at Keele. Completing my MA gave me the initial confidence to apply for a role in a relatively new field in recruitment and in a quite intimidating sector in the police force. On paper and compared to other candidates I had a very limited recruitment history, however my theoretical knowledge from what I learnt from my MA gave me the confidence to demonstrate the relevant competencies in the interview.

I have now been working for the British Transport police for the past eleven months and my confidence has continued to grow. Within six months I was promoted to Resourcing Advisor, I now look after all recruitment, selection and onboarding for new officers who join the force. I had to be interviewed for this role against other external candidates that demonstrate strong recruitment backgrounds, however my MA set me apart from other candidates and has certainly enhanced my employability.

From a recruitment perspective, I read a large amount of cvs on a daily basis for both police officer and police staff roles. An MA is not always a requirement for some roles, however it does come across in applications and interviews that those with masters degrees are well rounded individuals with greater perspective.

An MA at Keele has not only strengthened my confidence and employability but also my organisational skills. In my role it is critical that I plan ahead strategically taking into account the changing needs of the organisation whilst meeting intake start dates and KPI’s. The structure of the taught side of the course and my dissertation aided my organisational skills and gave me real insight into how to strategically manage my time and deliver outcomes.”