"I now work in Kobalt, one of the top music publishing companies in the world"

"My name is Camille and I was a masters student in the MA Global Media and Management program at Keele University. I decided to do this particular course because I felt it complimented and enriched my Music Industry Studies Bachelor of Science degree I completed in 2017. My hope was that this MA would help me enter this competitive industry with more ease. What I enjoyed the most about this program was that it gave an extremely
well rounded view of what it takes to support and lead a company; structurally, in terms of management and leadership and creatively, in terms of marketing and mediated communications. Fast-forwarding a year, before even completing the course, I was successful in procuring a job in the music industry in the city I desired to move to the most, London. I now work in one of the top music publishing companies called Kobalt, and I have no doubt that my time at Keele was an integral part of me achieving this goal".