Ben Johnson, MA Global Media and Management

Club support officer at England Golf

Due to work commitments, my intention was always to study at a university within a commutable distance. The reputation of Keele University and the range of postgraduate courses available helped with making the decision-making process easy. I like the environment and surroundings of campus; it was one of the reasons I looked at universities rather than a distance learning course. I wanted to further develop the knowledge I gained at undergraduate level and was looking at a management related degree. It was important to me to complete my master’s degree before taking big steps in life such as starting a family. When considering returning to study, after completing my undergraduate degree in 2014, I did deliberate several times and, on some occasions, had doubts that I would ever return. I am therefore delighted to have committed to and have now completed my masters’ degree, graduating with a 2:1 in January 2020. Keele University will always be an important place to me. During my time studying, I found particular members of the academic faculty exceptionally helpful and supportive. This extended beyond course content and assignments to more long-term focus areas such as career prospects and personal interests. I found the media facilities extensive and very accessible. Additionally, the staff in the media building were very helpful and knowledgeable.