Woolcool - KRISP Project

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The Company: Woolcool produce insulated packaging using sheep wool as an alternative to polystyrene/EPS and other man-made materials.

Student: Dinesh Kumar Thilai Nadarajan, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

The Project: To conduct a series of experiments to assess the feasibility of using sheep wool as a filter to remove micro-plastic fibres from water systems.

The Results: The findings suggest an innovative use for natural sheep wool.

Woolcool say: “The KRISP project has highlighted other potential, very exciting areas in which our material can be utilised.  The potential application highlighted by the projects creates a fantastic foundation for us to investigate another product further, allowing us to diversify our range.”

Dinesh says: “The experience gained through the internship opportunities provided by KRISP was very beneficial and provided great exposure to industry. Besides that, I’ve actually learned one of the most important skills when working in any industry, which is people management”.