Mudtech Ltd KRISP Project

The Company: Mudtech Ltd, Stafford. Mudtech designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of geotechnical products for a wide variety of professional construction site requirements.

Student: Mulikat Akere, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology.

The Project: The student supported Mudtech in the development of an Environmental Waste Management Toolkit, combining information from three mandatory health and safety standards into a simple spreadsheet, and introducing a traffic light system to flag problem levels of contaminants on construction sites.

The outcomes: Mulikat conducted a literature review of the research on contaminant levels, and referenced the safe levels of all the contaminants listed in the spreadsheet, which validated the risk indicator tool ready for use.

Mark Brooks of Mudtech says:
"I am very happy we embarked on the KRISP project. From the start the help offered by Keele was both structured and pragmatic. Mulikat is a remarkable young lady, she grasped the spirit of the project and understood how it could impact on site safety and protect our environment. She maintained a clear view of the objective and wasn’t daunted when she met inertia from stakeholders. I am very much encouraged that students are confronted with the reality of trying to make something change or improve outside the protection of academia. I am sure Mulikat will do well in her future career."

Mulikat says:
"The KRISP project was such an eye opener for me. The knowledge acquired by working with Mudtech and gaining insights into their unique and innovative techniques used for onsite wastewater treatment was of great benefit to me. The opportunity given by the Mudtech project to interact with different water companies in order to create an easily understandable standard matrix (the traffic light, as it was called) for chemical analysis was an exciting experience. Most importantly, the KRISP placement has further built my confidence and enhanced my research skills."